Friday, April 24, 2009

Canon 5D Mark II

Rock and Grasses, Merced River Canyon, California 2009

Rock and Grasses, Merced River Canyon, California 2009

1/15 at f/8, focal length: 50mm, ISO 200, Aperture Priority,
- April 19, 2009 2:39pm PDT. Photographed with Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EF 50mm f/1.8 II, Hand Held

Well I've finally made the leap into upgrading my camera body and my first impressions of the Canon 5D Mark II is that it is a very, very nice piece of equipment. I haven't had the opportunity to really put it through it's paces. Judging by what I have done though, such as the image here, I have the feeling that I'll be very pleased with the files that I'll be bringing home. It's a definite step up from my trusty 20D that I've had for so long.

I'm really looking forward to working with video again. It's been a while but hopefully some things will come back to me and I'll be producing some nice multimedia content soon! It's going to be fun to say the least!

I also wanted to mention that my good friend, Bo Parker - whom I've mentioned here before, has been publishing his own blog and has been posting some wonderful images/content. Check it out at A Moment Preserved. I've also added his blog to the blogroll in the side bar over there on the right for all of our benefit ->


  1. salute!

    I knew it would happen some day... WHen I first saw your blog, I thought, great, here's a guy whou takes excelent photographs with an old camera and a set of lenses like mine: no need to upgrade - it's the photographer not the camera.
    Just kidding. Enjoy your new toy, upss tool.
    Now you'll definitely need that 100-400 lens ;)

  2. Hey Bartek,

    It was inevitable! I'm definitely enjoying the new "tool". Don't fret though, it is still the photographer, not the camera. As for the lens...not any time soon if I want to remain married!


  3. Actually, there's plenty of pixels to crop from, now, ain't it? So the trusty 70-200 will do :)
    I guess this was a well timed upgrade - before the fam got bigger.
    The video capabilities seem really exciting. But as my wife was so kind to get me the EF-S 17-55 2.8 from the university, I'll probably wait for the 1.6 crop video enabled camera. And besides, my camera is only two years old ;)


  4. Bartek, you don't have to wait for that 1.6 crop video enabled camera - it's already here!

  5. Wasn't following the Rebel lineup :) Sure there will be a two digit model, with environment sealing, high frame rate and Ansel Adams picture mode...
    thanks for the info