Saturday, March 6, 2010

Digging Up Roots

Bo Parker - Backside Kickflip. Downtown Fresno, CA.

Bo Parker - Backside Kickflip.
Downtown Fresno, California 2007

1/250 sec at f/5, focal length: 18mm, ISO 800, Manual,
- 27 April 2007 10:39pm PDT. Photographed with Canon EOS 20D and two strobes.

16 years ago, I picked up my dad's Canon T70, a handful of bad film, my skateboard, and hit the streets with some friends. Marking the beginning of my history as a photographer thus far, photography was simply a means to document all the extremely fun, and downright stupid, things we were doing on a stick with four wheels. But the click got a hold of me with its deeply rooting fingers and grabbed hold tight. And so what began as a means of recording experiences of a passion became the passion itself.

In this context, it's not very profound, but to paraphrase a common saying: "To know where you're going you must know where you've been". From where do your roots grow?
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