Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A slightly new look

Whitebark Pine, sunset, Hoover Wilderness, Inyo National Forest, California  2010

Whitebark Pine, sunset,
Hoover Wilderness, Inyo National Forest, California 2010

1/100 sec at f/16, focal length: 200mm, ISO 800, Aperture Priority, +2/3 EV,
- 7 August 2010 6:27 pm PDT. Photographed with Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EF 70-200mm f/4L, tripod mounted.

I've been writing on this blog less and less recently, and I think it has kept me from posting images as often as I'd. So I've decided to give the blog a bit of a face lift, which will focus more on the images themselves. Comments will always be welcome, and in fact, I think it would be fun, inspiring, bonding, expanding and so on and so on if visitors posted their own topics in the comments to invoke discussion. Sort of like a forum with decor...Probably won't happen, but eh.


  1. Hey John, a bold move, I like the extra size. Strange thing, I have just posted two pine images. They were taken four years apart from the same viewpoint on top of Szczeliniec Wielki in Table Mts, When I looked at the images from the previous trip to this place I noticed a few more almost identical images. Do you happen to take similar photographs when you forgot the last one. This reminded me of story of Zen master and his apprentice: in short, they were hanging a picture on a wall and in an attempt to test his master the apprentice pretended he'd lost the mark where the nail should go on the wall and they repeated the procedure and the master chose the same exact location.
    Not that I pretend to be a master, haha, but it's intriguing, isn't it?

  2. The site looks great John. I love reading (and receiving) comments too...sometimes, if they're good, I enjoy reading comments more than the actual article.