Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Approaching storm at sunset, Clark Range

Approaching storm at sunset, Clark Range, from Sierra National Forest, California  2010

Approaching storm at sunset, Clark Range,
from Sierra National Forest, California 2010

5 sec at f/22 (5 vertical exposures), focal length: 200mm, ISO 50, Manual, 0 EV - 28 August 2010 7:38 pm PDT.
Photographed with Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EF 70-200mm f/4L, tripod mounted.


  1. My comment John refers not only to this work, but to all your great works. I am so happy to have a chance to see them on your website (thanks to link on Jack Johnson's website/blog:) I have read your artist statement and what you writes about your photography and your philosophy of life, the way you think about your family and the world we live in, it all makes me so happy as I think exactly the same:) I took up photography a year ago, so your excellent works are great inspiration for me.
    Thank you too, for the chance of seeing the beauty of your country as seen through your eyes.
    Best regards,
    Danka Antas
    PS. Love your B & Ws very much:)

  2. Storms are few and far between out here during the summer! Nice work catching this one. Do you have a preference for focal length when stitching photos?

  3. Thanks Brady! Seems like a slow summer for storms this year, but I did get snowed on twice! Not to be dismissive or non-technical, but I don't have a preferred focal length for making panos. I choose my focal length based on the vertical space of the composition and then make as many exposures, going from left to right, as needed to cover the horizontal space...hopefully that makes sense. Always photograph a little wider than anticipated, since you'll more than likely have to crop out some 'blank canvas' once the stitch is done.

  4. Thank you for all the kind words and taking the time to explore through my site! I'll have to be sure to thank Jack for the link! It's an honor to be considered an inspiration. Good luck on your photographic life and may good light come your way!