Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rocks and Surf, Montana de Oro State Park

Rocks and Surf, Montana de Oro State Park

2 sec at f/32, focal length: 200mm, ISO 100 - September 6, 2008, 11:17am PDT
Photographed with Canon EOS 20D, EF 70-200mm f/4L, Singh-Ray Mor-Slo ND filter, tripod mounted

Here is another image from my recent trip to Montana de Oro State Park. This was made late morning on a bright overcast day. Thanks to the Singh-Ray Mor-Slo ND filter, coupled with an f-stop of f/32, I was able to "drag" my shutter speed an extra 5 stops to get a two second exposure. (Also, thanks to Bill for letting me borrow the filter)

RAW-unprocessed image and layers for master .psd included after the jump...

RAW image (no post capture adjustments applied)

Layers of master .psd

Before and After


  1. John,

    The detail in this image is incredible and it almost looks like HDR. What kind of post processing do you use? (Just curious)


  2. Hey Jeff,

    I posted some jpgs for you to give an idea of my post process but I don't have time to write up a real explanation of everything. I should be able to get to that tomorrow.


  3. Jeff,

    I shoot everything RAW, pretty much always. I then (usually) bring the image into Lightroom to process the file. I tend to process the images pretty flat so that there is a lot of Highlight and Shadow detail to work with in Photoshop. In Photoshop CS3, I Curves with selective masks for pretty much all my adjustments (not exclusively, but often I find that I can get pretty most of my processing done with curves) As you can see in this example, some of my masks can end up being very basic (almost embarrassingly so in this example). I then size and sharpen for output (I should mention that there is some sharpening done at the RAW processing stage). The sharpening technique I use involves too many steps to list here, but it's not very difficult so maybe in the coming days I'll try to post a tutorial on it, since I find it to be quite effective. Any ways, hope this helps some and always feel free to send any other questions my way.