Monday, December 8, 2008

Oak Saplings in Fog, Sierra Nevada Foothills, California

Two Oak Saplings in Fog, Sierra Nevada Foothills, California

3.2 sec at f/22, focal length: 29mm, ISO 100 - December 2, 2008, 5:24pm PDT
Photographed with Canon EOS 20D, EF 17-35mm f/4L, tripod mounted

We had a beautiful sunny day. Crystal clear blue skies, brisk breeze. Wonderful spring like weather, but just a bit chillier. Then the fog started to roll in...and MADE my day. I love fog. Absolutely love it! It's right up there with falling snow. The immense quiet that takes over is humbling. Instant meditation. You're senses become heightened and everything is in focus. In a forest like this, the trees become bigger and more intimate at the same time.

I think that the best way to photograph a situation like this is to forget about any preconceived ideas of how you'd want to photograph it. Let yourself become immersed in the fog and open yourself to everything around you. Experience it first without your camera. After a bit, you'll know when it's time to start making images. Feel the composition through your viewfinder instead of seeing it.

I think that when we set out to photograph, it becomes a mission. We become bent on taking pictures and are taken up with the technical aspect of it all. We forget to make a connection with our subject. And without that connection we fail to represent our subject in a meaningful and personal way.


  1. John,

    Incredible image. Any chance of buying a fine art print?


  2. Thanks Jeff. The chance of buying a print is very likely indeed. So likely that it's a definite. I'm ironing out all the details now of how and what will be offered (this will be one of the images offered as a fine art print). But I'll have a post up very soon on that. I'm also completely redesigning my main website (my current one is very old and hasn't been updated in about three years and was never finished to begin with). But once that is done, it will also have all the info as well as never before published images. This should all be done within the next two weeks at the longest. I'm under a deadline for the prints situation as I have my first exhibit coming up in Jan!

  3. John,

    Congratulations on your first exhibit! That's wonderful news and I'm sure Bill is very proud of you.


  4. Love that shot John and congrats on the exhibit!